Kai Heath 

Kai is HangNight's founding Creative Director and Co-Host. Kai grew up surrounded by art and artists. The Heath Gallery became Kai's outlet to explore her interest in all forms of art and curation. She works as an actress, educator, and curator and is currently attending Mason Gross School of the Arts. She was formerly  a teacher for the CUNY Creative Arts team. 

Mitsuko Verdery

Mitsuko Verdery 

Mitsuko is a founding member of the HangNight™ team.  Mitsuko was born and raised in New York City amongst a family of musicians and artists, where she gained a huge love for all art. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and the Alvin Ailey Dance School, Mitsuko is also the co-founder and co-artistic director of MICHIYAYA, an all-female dance company. 


Shatema Williams

Shatema is HangNight's co-host and a founding member of the HangNight ™ team .  Shatema, aka  “The Schoolgirl” Williams was born in Harlem, NY. where she leads Legends Public Relations representing the creative organization Good Vibes Creative Minds. Williams also serves as a program manager with Harlem Childrens Zone. 

Julieta Varela

Julieta Varela 

 Julieta is a visual artist, art educator, and founding member of the HangNight™ team. She  creates mixed media art works, incorporating painting, drawing and repurposed materials. She is inspired by interdisciplinary approaches to creative expression, and teaches a combination of process based and observational representation techniques. Varela is a 1st generation Brazilian. 


Kaila Paulino

Kaila Paulino is a multi-disciplinary artist and founding member of the HangNight™  team. She is a musician who performs with a number of groups including The Welfare Poets and  YERBABUENA: Boricua Roots. Paulino also works with The Legacy Circle Organization. Paulino is a human rights advocate spreading knowledge and power through her art.