Our mission is to catalyze a diverse and inclusive creative community to produce a monthly showcase in which artists of every genre and at every stage of development can be SEEN and HEARD. Hang Night's salon-style evening of creative expression always includes the visual arts and an open mic for poetry, and vocal performers but may just as well include dance performers, musicians, essayists or a mini-fashion presentation. No evening is exactly the same. The evening is malleable with art the common language. Artists have a chance to talk about their work and engage in open and one-to-one Q&A which is highly encouraged.

 HangNight™ began in February of 2014. Our community has expanded to embrace New York locals as well as international artists, ranging from children to elders. Our safe space is judgement free for creatives and appreciators of the arts to joyfully share and exchange. We highly encourage visual and performing artists who've never publicly expressed themselves to show up and exhibit, and meet new potential friends and collaborators. We love our newbies!  HangNight™ takes place the last Friday of every month in Harlem native's Heath Gallery.

Our next event is May 31st , 7-10Pm. Register here: Bit.ly/HangNight. Interested in exhibiting or performing? Email: info@hangnight.com